We already know that ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ and nutrition is as (if not more) important than training.  A health balanced diet is vital if you are to see your hard hours in the gym equate to a six pack and a drop in body fat.  So, with this in mind Bodyblitz are proud to be partners with Fit Fresh & Healthy, a local company who provide amazing fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and other items direct to your door.  we have tried them ourselves and the difference between their produce and supermarkets is staggering! We have created a video below to show you the real difference, and, we have even managed to negotiate a 15% discount off your first order, simply quote NEW15%OFF !



We love food and we love good food. Its true what they say you pay for what you get, everyone wants the best of everything but it sometimes boils down to affordability so what we do is offer the best quality in healthy foods and nutrients at a competitive price.






Fit Fresh and Healthy
Unit 99 N.E.W. Fruit and Vegetable Market
Team Valley Trading Estate
NE11 0QY

0191 4826185