About the Club

Bodyblitz Fitness Centres

Bodyblitz have fitness centres in both Burnopfield and Consett and offer a wide range of classes and fully trained PT’s. We pride ourselves on creating a professional, friendly atmosphere and treat everyone as individuals giving you the support and knowledge to succeed, whatever your goal!

Fitness centres in Burnopfield & Consett

Everything you need to achieve the body you have always dreamed of!

At Bodyblitz we create a environment where you will feel happy and confident, we have worked really hard to create the perfect environment where you can sculpt your dream body.  Our trained and friendly staff are always on hand to help with every aspect of your transformation be in nutrition, classes or personal training!  You will need to work hard but there is a strong support network in place to help you every step of the way, before you know it you will be looking and feeling fantastic!


Why come to Bodyblitz?

Great community

Bodyblitz is a comfortable and friendly gym which has all the equipment and support you will ever need

Fantastic Classes

We have classes running all day, we change them regularly to keep them fresh and your body guessing


‘Abs are made in the kitchen’ so we are on hand to tailor make a nutritional plan to help you torch that fat.

1-2-1 training

We have highly trained personal trainers to guide you through every stage of your transformation, they will keep you on track with the perfect plan for you